Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eagle Research Part 2

I am happy to report that we are almost done with our eagle research. I still have to compile the slides for our podcast and share our learning with the other two kindergarten classes but for the most part the project is complete.
The students have really enjoyed learning about the eagles and to my surprise still enjoy looking at the non-fiction books. I am a very reflective teacher and looking back on the project there are a few things I would change if given the opportunity to teach this unit again. I feel like I should have done a better job talking about the purpose of our writing. I can still do a lesson on this when we share our learning but explaining I don't think they knew why we were doing the research. Secondly, I wish I had allowed the students to be a little more creative with the bulletin board display. I feel like it is a little too teacher focused and not enough authentic kindergarten work. Teaching is so much about how to make what you do better so I will chalk this unit up to learning and try to be better next time.

This is a sample from our research journals

One of the posters in the hallway display

Hallway display, the big brown paper is a replica of how big an eagle nest is

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