Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The eagle has landed

I have a new obsession that I have passed onto the kindergarten friends in my classroom. It's not as bad as it sounds (unless you ask my family). I have been consistently watching the Decorah Eagles on the live web cam for a week.

My obsession started last week when a colleague introduced the web cam to her classroom. We were mesmerized while we sat and watched the eagle as she tended to her new hatchlings. That day I introduced my own classroom of kindergarteners to the eagles. They were just as interested as I was, the feeling of excitement buzzed through the room. As we watched the eagle tending to the nest feed the hatchlings my students started asking questions and making comments at a fever pitch. I wasn't able to answer many of their questions so I suggested we research eagles so we can learn more about them while we watch the nest.

I spent the weekend watching the nest and doing some research on my own. After a trip to the library we began to explore books and record our questions. I was very proud of their enthusiasm and willingness to learn about the eagles. They had some great questions considering their age and inexperience with non-fiction. Here are a few of the questions they asked:

  • How long do the babies stay in the nest?
  • Why do the eagles sit on their babies?
  • Why do eagles have long claws?
  • When will the eagle babies fly?

Even some of my lowest students asked some very insightful questions. I am so excited to start researching tomorrow. We are planning on sharing our information with the other kindergarten classes, I can't wait until we are all eagle experts. 


  1. So I had to go to the website. You knew I would be tempted. Now I might have a new addiction as well. I am going to have to share this with my class. I enjoyed your post again today, Jen. It sounds like your students are excited and ready to spend some time discovering more.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I'm always glad when K teachers take the plunge to share what they are doing wtih young children. Looking forward to more thinking and sharing.

  3. Welcome. I think this eagle watching and research is wonderful! They look so engrossed with their learning in both photos. I can't wait to see how all this turns out for you and your students! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Welcome to the "Dark Side" which is actually very motivating! I Love sharing and learning with so many great minds. I thank Cathy each day for showing me the way!
    I love the website, I want to share this with my class too, they will love it! Your kiddos look so curled up in their research, who wouldn't be with this webcam?
    The Wonder Bubble will work well with this study!