Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time to make lemonade

I heard somewhere once that teaching is like making lemonade. All school year you squeeze the lemons. You try to squeeze every second out of the school day, you try to squeeze just one more thought into a mini lesson, you squeeze one more hour of planning into your day before you pack up and go home. It is summer when you get to add the water and sugar and reflect on time you spent during the school year. Summer is when you can drink your lemonade and think about what went well and what you want to change. Each sip is a reward for a years work and the lives you have touched.

For me during my 4 short years of teaching summer has been a time of high anxiety, hoping, and waiting. Every summer I have interviewed with countless principals and teams of teachers hoping they would pick me and make me part of their teaching team. This summer is no different expect that I really thought this was the year. There were many retirements and lots of open positions in my school district. I have had several interviews all with negative outcomes. This summer as I drink my lemonade I am reflecting on why they haven't chosen me and questioned what I need to do to make my dream a reality.

I went to a professional development today about digital learning. As I sat and listened to the presenters (both of whom are colleagues who I respect greatly) I realized once again that I have all of the pieces of the puzzle, I have the drive for learning, I have the desire to make a difference for the kids that will be in my classroom, I want to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. All I need is that classroom full of kids.

I know everything happens for a reason and that my role as an intervention teacher this year gave me many opportunities to learn from other teachers and for that I am grateful. I guess I need to take time this summer to drink my lemonade and find ways to use my knowledge in my intervention role. I have to be thankful that I still get to work with kids even if it is not a classroom full of them. They still need me.

Here's to you lucky teachers that know there will be a classroom full of smiling faces at your door to greet you in August. Be thankful for them and spend your summer sipping your lemonade and reflecting on how you can make the next school year even better.


  1. Seriously, how did you write this beautiful piece so quickly? I have never thought about summer quite like this. You are right, I am lucky. I am lucky to have a wonderful class of kids to teach me things. I am lucky to have so many amazing colleagues to learn with in our district. I know it has been a hard time for you. You've left us all with an important message.

  2. Dear Jen, What a beautiful post. I love the comparison to making lemonade. I had never heard that before. Don't give up. Keep sipping the lemonade knowing that you are blessing the lives of many children who need you in their lives. I am so glad that you were part of our group today.